February 5, 2018



Dear Sir/Madam,

You are someone who must hear this!

Secured under nine locks, we have been incubating an Idea in “Rinkuškiai” for many long months.
The Idea is now mature, and is awaiting its very first Witnesses.
We are awaiting your presence at the restaurant “Alaus kelias” on June 15th. At the restaurant, we will reveal a number of mysteries to You, which will allow You to see a different, mystical, never-before-seen face of Biržai. At the event, we will also serve you an exceptional gourmet dinner.
So, why does the world begin at Biržai?

Book a table by calling +37065952526 or contact us by email at: alauskelias@rinkuskiai.lt.

In case less than 25 people arrive, the event will be cancelled. Booking is open.

Here is an article about Microhistory dinner

November 23, 2017


At Rinkuškiai, we aspire to be a community-building brewer. We want to hear your stories, as much as we want to tell the tales of our land. Locally, our name is synonymous with beer tasting expeditions. Roughly 100.000 people visit us yearly for our trademark “Road of Beer” experience.

Aside from tasting great traditional beers, we travel around the historical town of Biržai, renowned for its thousand-year- old brewing traditions. During these expeditions, we encounter fascinating micro stories from the past with macro meanings for the present. We believe that nothing brings people closer together than shared stories and shared laughters.

To book a day of great microhistorical adventures and beer tasting, contact us at marketingas@rinkuskiai.lt or +370 659 52526.